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vai-design was born as a result of the addition of ‘creativity + humility = hope’.

i am Vanessa and this is my little project, full of ideas, wishes, madness, enthusiasm and a lot of love.

having plenty of ideas in my head (being inspired by you), this project allows me to channel, one by one, each design and composition, so that all of them form a personal and perfect result.

thus, it is what vai-design tries to create… a made-to-measure, original, extraordinary and personal product.

in other words, it is defined as a new way to convert art into design, in a different and original manner, by mixing a ‘handmade’ style with a modern and unique design.

creativity has always been a constant feature throughout my life, since I was a child. I distinctly remember at home, my dining-room walls papered with my drawings, the walls of my room full of strokes and drawings… my ‘relaxing time’ when I was sitting on the sofa drawing in my sketchbook.

assuming that there is a time in life when a change (a big change) makes you ask about your future, so it was how, around a couple of years ago, my great change came up, a ‘change’ which shakes me.

i took this decision because of this fact and my partner, a great friend and companion who, since I know him, has encouraged me to do this barbarity. Moreover, at present time, he does not only give me his support, but also unconditionally cheers me up day after day.

i must thank him and my son (my constant source of inspiration) and all those who rely on my work. I would like to dedicate this project to you.




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